Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix New House Interior Design Photos


Since purchasing their $ 2 million West Hollywood farmhouse-style abode in 2019, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix have taken their time to transform the home into the home of their dreams. Now the Vanderpump Rules couple completed the project and couldn’t be more excited to show the world their beautifully designed space. In an interview in May with, Tom and Ariana explained that he was carefully decorated by infusing elements of their two personalities along the way. But it was not always an easy process.

“I feel like normally when it comes to decorating a house with a guy and a girl, it can be a lot like, ‘Okay, the girl sort of does everything, the guy is like, I just added that thing, “Tom said.” But obviously we both have very strong personalities. You see a good mix of Ariana and myself in that.

“We’ve definitely had times where one of us is really adamant about something, and the other doesn’t really feel it,” Ariana admitted. “You compromise on these moments.”

The couple worked with interior designers Lucinda Pace and Andrew Pancer from Concept XL while Elizabeth montgomery elevated the exterior, but the creative team helped with more than just decor. Ariana said Andrew and Lucinda were available not only to “bounce ideas off” but also to work as a kind of mediator when she and Tom couldn’t agree. There is power in numbers, Tom joked, because he felt “much better to be outnumbered by three on one” when he came up with ideas Ariana disagreed with and vice versa.

Although Ariana has said that “not all ideas are a winner,” it’s clear that high risk comes with high reward. From an incredible live green wall installation (which is playfully nicknamed “Moss Angeles”) to an intricate crystal mirror, the house is packed with daring pieces. However, there is one major downside to having so many unique design elements – it is very difficult to choose a favorite piece. Noting that this is only a “tie” between each, they eventually managed to reduce it.

“When it comes to decorating, I’m a huge fan of our front living room,” Tom explained, noting the variety of “beautiful colors” the space has. “A lot of personality is going on in this room.”

“I love our room,” Ariana said. “This might be my favorite piece. It’s also the room I feel like I spend the most time in. It is very comfortable.

And who can blame him for spending a lot of time in his room? The space includes a bespoke splashback, equipped with an espresso machine, milk frother and “everything” one could need to start each morning in the perfect mood. “He makes me coffee in the morning,” Ariana exclaimed. “This is very cute.”

Another fun for Ariana, Tom came up with a brilliant plan to provide more storage space: knock down a wall between their bedroom closet and the separate laundry closet to create a dream closet. Now that she has more space, there is only one thing left for her to do: “I need to organize my closet,” said Ariana, to which Tom added: “You have a lot of clothes. . ”

Another innovative use of space has been Tom and Ariana’s decision to dedicate a room to meet all of their content creation needs. From Zoom meetings to photoshoots, a “cool wallpaper” and “matching mat” complete the perfect studio for the couple’s more creative endeavors.

“It’s so funny because so many things seem to fall apart and then fall apart last year,” Ariana recalls. “It’s great to have a room that you can walk in that’s quiet, and the wallpaper looks cool, so you have a great background and [can] sit down where you can just have a little private chat.

“Yeah, and we also put a bunch of costumes in the closets,” Tom said, proving that they really had it all figured out.

With all the time and energy it takes to perfect their home, Tom and Ariana have no plans to leave anytime soon.

“It feels like a forever home, for sure,” explained Tom. Ariana agreed, noting that there is only one situation the couple would uproot themselves in. “As long as we live in Los Angeles, it’s a forever Los Angeles home. I can only imagine leaving this house if we were to leave LA completely and decide to move into the woods.

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