HP Lovecraft’s “Witch’s House” by Bobby Easley – Movie Review


There is a rich history behind the historic Hannah House mansion. Located in Indianapolis, the 24-bedroom house juggernaut was built in 1858 and is said to have been a stop on the Underground Railroad, a place that saw the deaths of many ex-slaves who were quickly buried underground from the cellar.

This is only hearsay, of course, a story that has been passed down from generation to generation but has never been proven. It creates a creepy, creepy backdrop when talking about the unusual things that are happening there and provides an interesting site for the paranormal groups who flock there hoping to see some of these weird happenings.

It also provides the perfect backdrop for a horror movie. Bobby Easley’s latest film, HP Lovecraft’s Witch lodge, co-written by Easley and Ken Wallace as part of Easley’s independent production company, Horror Wasteland Pictures International, is based on Lovecraft’s Dreams in the witch’s house. The story takes advantage of this appalling setting by filming on site and making the house a central character in its own right.

In HP Lovecraft’s Witch lodge, Alice Gilman (Michelle Morris), a young graduate student fleeing an abusive and violent relationship and still reeling from a miscarriage, seeks refuge with a friend. Sensing that it is time for her to move out on her own, Alice rents an attic room in the historic Hannah House mansion. Desperate for independence but still needing security, Alice doesn’t really care about the weird and eclectic characters who live there as well. She quickly befriends Tommi, played by indie favorite Julie Anne Prescott, who is also the surly and selfless owner’s niece. Tommi has spent most of her life there and she shares the disturbing and disturbing history of the house with Alice. As the town’s children disappear, Alice finds something shocking hidden under the parquet of her bedroom that is disrupting her world, trapping her between real life and another dimension … one that is filled with witchcraft and secrets she never knew about. existence. In the grip of nightmares as strange things start to happen to her and not knowing who she can trust or what is even real, Alice must find a way to stop it all and get her life back on track.

HP Lovecraft’s Witch lodge is terrifying. Its shocking ending hits you in the face. My jaw was on the ground all the time. It’s a solid horror movie with great music and some incredibly impressive hands-on effects. Michelle Morris shines as a traumatized Alice, and I know I will look more into her work. Julie Anne Prescott reminds us why she is a popular choice in the indie community with her performance as Tommi. And while it’s not Bobby Easley’s first effort, it’s the first time I’ve seen any of his work, and I’m now super excited to see what he has in store for us. I also have to say hello to my boyfriend, Izzy Morrison (kid in the attic), and his rats, Lydia and Bowie, who all make cameos in the movie.

Director Bobby Easley with stars Andie Noir, Julie Anne Prescott and Michelle Morris.

HP Lovecraft’s Witch House is currently on its global festival, but keep an eye out for more information on its upcoming release.


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