5 summer house interior ideas to copy this weekend (they work for sheds, too)


Looking for summer house interior ideas? Whether you have a garden lounge, a summer house, a shed or just want to be inspired by pretty looks, we have what you need. With the time ahead ultimately get better, now is the time to start over with your outdoor DIY projects and give your summer home the shine it deserves!

Longer, warmer evenings make it such a lovely time to sit in your outdoor buildings with a drink in hand – so what better time than ever to spend a bit of your weekend doing your hair? These summer homes are so dreamy that you could definitely use the ideas in the interior – so let them inspire your living room makeover, too!

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1. Bring indoor furniture into your summer home

Summer house interiors

(Image credit: Jody Stewart)

The easiest way to make your summer home more welcoming? Take a walk around your house and see what rooms might find a new home on the outside. Treat your summer house (or shed that turns into a summer house) as you would a living room. Put down rugs, settle into a sofa or an armchair, reuse vintage storage pieces, you can even put photos to make it even warmer. In this summer house, they even hung a chandelier!

If you want to see more of this gorgeous space, be sure to take a tour of the rest of this country farmhouse.

2. Choose pretty pastel paintings

Summer house interior ideas

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

See, we told you that some of these summer house interior ideas could be copied into your home! Your summer house might not look as glorious as this one, but you can always give it an update with a lick of paint. We love this cute duck egg blue, such a lovely color to bring into a garden because it pairs so well with natural greens. Come on, spend this weekend painting the inside of your shed in a pretty pastel shade, you won’t regret it!

If you’re looking for the best paint for exterior wood, be sure to check out our guide. And be sure to check out the rest of this gorgeous lakeside summerhouse.

3. Add a lot of personality

Summer house interiors

(Image credit: Jody Stewart)

The key to making a shed or summerhouse more like an extra part of your home is to fill it with personality. Set up shelves and hang items on the walls to add lots of color and patterns. Choose prints that work with the color scheme you are looking for and add accents of that color in the upholstery as well, to unify the whole look.

4. Go for a contemporary style summer house

As much as we love traditional summerhouse interiors, if you prefer a more modern look, take inspiration from @our_wee_country_cottage_. We love the cool toned floor (tip: pop vinyl flooring in your summer home) and gray ceilings. The larger plants make it more comfortable and add texture, as do the cushions and the rug. Honestly, this summer house looks more stylish than our living rooms!

5. Build a summer house open to the side

Don’t have a summer house? You can create your own! Or build something similar anyway. We are big fans of @ dee.camplingand the extension she added using a pergola-shaped structure and a plastic roof covered with a reed mesh. The ‘interiors’ are also gorgeous – paint an old leather sofa and add lots of rugs, plants, and decorations to create a similar bohemian vibe.

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