Debt Loans – Consolidations

Croats live on the brink of poverty. It is estimated that around 322,783 citizens are in the blockade, and their debt amounted to HRK 42.80 billion. The largest number of debtors in terms of population is in the capital, and according to the average amount of debt, the most blocked are citizens of Čakovec, whose average debt is HRK 359 thousand.

Reprogramming changes the repayment plan of the existing loan that the borrower has, while refinancing closes the existing loans and opens a new one that integrates all the obligations that have been hitherto. This also means that liabilities that are not repaid by debtors are duly rescheduled, while liabilities that are repaid are duly refinanced.

Debt loans – how banks look at them, and how lending companies are

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But before the banks agree to the move, they will assess the risk to them. Even a minimal amount of debt of just a few kunas prevents clients from getting loans. For those who are on the non-payer list, credit houses allow you to borrow money. By legal means, through credit institutions approved for work in Croatia by the Croatian National Bank, they can take out loans for debtors and solve their financial difficulties.

What you need to know before borrowing on debt

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Before you decide on debt loans, a plan must be made. Simply write down your income and expenses on paper. Determine how much monthly you can save on things you don’t use, for example, and how much you can spend to pay off your loan.

After that, try to reduce the number of credit cards you own and make it easier to control your expenses. People have no sense of how much money they have spent because it has not physically come out of their wallet.

Try to find extra work to increase your home budget. After weighing both the good and the bad sides, collect offers from multiple home loan companies and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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