Christmas Without Debt

The time has come to buy gifts and souvenirs for the whole family and it is very easy to spend more than we earn. But first and foremost is to review your priorities. Buying gifts should not be more priority than paying rent and should not be more important than basic expenses like food, water, electricity or even fuel for your car. It is amazing that there are people who turn off the logical side of the brain.

Spend like locos and at the end of the month can not afford

money cash on christmas

Your main responsibility should always be your family and if after the basic expenses there is still something left, then we set out to buy the gifts. But if you are really “tight” or have had to take a drastic measure to pay off some debts decide now to not buy gifts this year. If you have children, explain the situation with love and try alternatives such as allowing them to sleep later, or play that game you hate, but always be honest. Do the same if in your family there is a lot of pressure to exchange gifts, suggest creative gifts, souvenirs from the famous 1.99 stores or even give away something you have at home. And creativity is better than giving the good old boring tie or pair of white socks again.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give a special gift 

money cash on christmas

Lastly, remember that not giving presents doesn’t make you a bad person. Participating in gift exchanges is a lot of fun, but don’t get into any more financial problems, even that may be the cause of your current situation. Make decisions firmly, take control of your life, and make a financial plan, so it may be that your next Christmas is the way you dreamed, or rather planned!


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